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At Yonder Deep, we value personal development above all else. Every member will have access to prototyping space, 3D printers, and a host of knowledge from advisors, instructors, and professors. Through workshops and rapid prototyping, you will quickly develop a multidisciplinary set of skills spanning the length of the engineering spectrum. Furthermore, over 1/3 of our members received internships last year!

Our Winter 2021 application cycle is now open. All teams within Yonder Deep are open for the recruitment.


Application Opens: January 9th - January 15th

Interview Emails: January 16th - January 17th

Interviews: January: 18th - January 22nd

Final Decisions: January 23th - January 24th


• Battery/Power Systems
• Circuits/PCB
• Motions and Motor Control


• External Relations
• Internal Business
• Graphics/Photography
• Public Relations


• Computer Aided Design
• Computational Fluid Dynamics
• 3D Printed Materials
• Stress/Structural Engineering
• Mechanical Assembly


• Autonomous Guidance
• Path-planning
• Software Communications
• Motor Control
• Microcontrollers

MESOM Laboratory,  La Jolla, CA

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