About Us

All members of Yonder Deep are expected to uphold our mission to provide students with an experience that will allow them to make positive change and become tomorrow’s innovators and change-makers. The team is to pursue projects that will open up the world of oceanographic research, robotics, and STEM learning that allow us to demonstrate our abilities in engineering and robotic implementation. We hope that through our work, students from all disciplines will foster collaborative relationships and develop platforms for social good. Most importantly, Yonder Deep will support and innovate in the fields of underwater robotics and oceanographic research to provide new technologies to aid in the exploration of our worlds most defining feature.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the first undergraduate group of students to design a 3D printed, low cost, and fully Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) which will allow for the implementation of several sensor types for oceanographic and climate change research.

Yonder Deep has established a partnership with Dr. Grant Deane of the Innovative Marine Technologies Lab at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In addition to providing Yonder Deep with access to expertise and the tools available in a research laboratory, this alliance will also result in an opportunity for the deployment in the field of Yonder Deep's technology.

One of Dr. Deane's graduate students, Hayden Johnson, will be conducting an expedition to study arctic glaciers in Svalbard, Norway in the summer of 2022, and is planning to make use of Yonder Deep's AUV in order to make subsurface measurements, close to the terminus of a glacier, of the sound produced by melting ice. The goal of this research is to develop an acoustic technique to measure the rate at which tidewater glaciers are melting, in order to improve predictions of the contributions of melting land-based ice to global mean sea level rise.

MESOM Laboratory,  La Jolla, CA

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